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customs? [16 Jun 2021|10:22pm]


hello, i'm hyonu. i'm never great at introductions. i don't what to say half the time. i'll ask a question -- what are everyone's summer plans? what are you most looking forward to? lastly, what sparks joy in your life?

for me, beach weather, travelling and what sparks joy for me is a really damn good cheeseburger.
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i'm ken [15 Jun 2021|07:23pm]


i won't make you think on a tuesday, so simply, hi
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[15 Jun 2021|06:30pm]

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insta // 01. what is the best travel experience you've ever had? what is on your travel bucket list? [14 Jun 2021|12:54pm]

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Customs: because there's more where this came from. [07 Jun 2021|09:44pm]


Alright, so first off, I’m Dan. Let me get my name down here somewhere before this goes off the rails. I’ve been looking at lists of random questions for you guys, and now I’m all nerdy-excited to do this, so let’s do it.

I picked these questions because they relate to something that interests me, or something about me, so you get to learn about me while I’m learning about you. Fun times. Pick the question you vibe with, or answer all of ‘em ‘cause you just vibe. All the time. In general.

If you like a good documentary: What’s the most interesting documentary you’ve ever watched?

If you don’t like music, you love music: Which song (or songs) hit you hard with the nostalgia? (It’s Wannabe by the Spice Girls, isn’t it.)

If you’re just a wee bit impulsive: What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought?

Alright, limiting us to three. And looking forward to your answers. Peace.
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customs i swear i don't bite [04 Jun 2021|10:46pm]


hello, i'm theon and i realized i am a plant killer. i want to have plants, be that person thriving with badass plants...my apartment is a place where they come to suddenly pass away. perhaps i should try something else? what are you bad at doing in life?
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~lifestyle [03 Jun 2027|11:57am]



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